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    Josiah Martin posted in the group Research

    3 years, 3 months ago
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    3 years, 3 months ago

    They are trying VERY hard to bury this bill… Google is preaching that we are conspiracy nut jobs… well here is the document!!

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    • It is so important these days that we search for the truth on our own rather than relying on anything that comes from the main stream media and government. There is a nefarious agenda behind the false information and narrative that is being propagated to us. Believe them not! God’s word says “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. We cannot be sheeple just following along and doing whatever we are told but must diligently search out the truth in all things pertaining to our lives and that of our family’s.
        • Amen! I got a jab when I was deployed to Desert Storm. I served 20 years in the military and another 10 as a civilian for the federal government. I dont trust one thing about our corrupt government or the main street media without first doing my own investigating.

          Just as we seen our Viet Nam vets get wiped out by cancer, we are witnessing a wide cover up in all this Covid coverage. Our government denied Agent Orange for 50 years while many vets died.

          More recently we saw how Obama managed to weaponize the IRS against the Tea Party Conservatives. It was during his 8 years that the deep state got even deeper.

          Picking up where he left off, we now see Slo-Jo is using the FBI to ruin anyones life that attended the Jan 6th event. People have been locked away in solitary with no charges, yet we see real criminals get a get our of jail free card and no bail.

          Then there is the every day in the news hocus pocus on Covid. We are told wear masks, dont wear masks yet the common surgical masks only stop particles 5 microns or larger while covid is 1.2 micron. Slo-Jo says get the jab, yet has allowed 2 million illegals to cross our borders without being tested for anything yet alone covid. This kind of mixed messaging needs to have serious questions asked, yet the main street media, turns its head the other way. Covid vaccine has no long term testing done but you can bet the FDA will give its final approval because Slo-Jo says so. Then their so called vaccine will be mandated to the Military and government workers.

          The left wants to control your every move and wont be satisfied until they do. They have the msm, big tech and hollyweird on their lap and their goal is total communism. Sure they are hiding it by calling it socialism but I think we can all agree, socialism is just a heartbeat away from communism.

          I wonder if the msm, big tech and hollyweird understand that they will be no more under communism.

          • Even though there are many people like yourself whose eyes are opened to the truth, I am amazed at the masses of people who do not see what is going on and are willing to give up their rights and freedom so easily. Fear is a motivating factor in all this along with the inability to understand that there is real evil in the world with puppet masters pulling the strings of many in leadership and positions of authority. We must pray that the eyes of the blind will be opened to the truth.

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